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    Healthcare BPO Solutions Struggling to balance exceptional patient care with the burden of intricate healthcare tasks? Is administrative disarray impeding cost control efforts? Discover the benefits of outsourcing healthcare BPO services, optimizing non-core operations, enhancing compliance, and fortifying your financial performance. In an era of evolving regulations and heightened competition, healthcare establishments are embracing outsourcing. Medical Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) curbs churn, amplifies process efficacy, enabling healthcare entities and medical clinics to prioritize their core mission. As digital transformation and intelligent automation redefine industries, healthcare stands transformed. Unlock unprecedented growth with tailor-made automation solutions through our healthcare BPO services. ​ Medical Billing Services Elevate your healthcare practice with our tailored Medical Billing Services. Streamline revenue cycles and ensure accurate reimbursements through our cutting-edge solutions. Experience seamless financial management that empowers your patient care journey. More Info Medical Coding Services Revolutionize your healthcare practice with our cutting-edge Medical Coding Services. Streamline billing and reimbursement processes while ensuring accurate code assignment. Experience efficient revenue management through our tailored coding solutions. More Info Medical Transcription Services Embark on a transformative healthcare documentation journey with our Medical Transcription Services. Our adept team meticulously converts complex medical records into accurate and organized textual formats, enhancing clinical communication and efficiency. More Info Healthcare Claims Adjudication Services Harness the power of meticulous claims adjudication strategies to efficiently tackle backlogs, detect fraudulent claims, and mitigate revenue-draining risks. More Info Pharmacy Business Services Liberate your valuable time and redirect your focus on business expansion by automating repetitive tasks and outsourcing complex administrative procedures. Embrace streamlined efficiency and harness newfound opportunities for growth. More Info Revenue Cycle Management Services Unlock the potential of your business with our cutting-edge Revenue Cycle Management Services. Seamlessly streamline your financial processes, from patient registration to claim submission and payment collection. Experience enhanced efficiency, maximized revenue, and improved patient satisfaction with our tailored RCM solutions. More Info EMR Services Elevate productivity, optimize resource management, and enhance clinical workflows to foster greater healthcare collaboration, ultimately leading to enhanced patient outcomes. More Info Telehealth Services Broaden your healthcare offerings by delivering prompt remote care to your patients, tailored to their preferences and scheduling convenience. More Info Medical Animation Services Immerse your audience in captivating animations that facilitate surgeon training, elucidate treatment plans to patients, and enable forensic reconstruction through our innovative medical animation solutions. More Info


    Startelligence Stratelligence refers to a range of specialized offerings designed to assist organizations in leveraging technology to enhance their operations, customer experiences, and overall business strategies. In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly reliant on technology to stay competitive and relevant. Digital business solution services aim to address these needs by providing tailored solutions that align with the organization's goals and objectives. ENGINEERING SERVICES DATA SERVICES SOFTWARE SERVICES PHOTO EDITING CREATIVE SERVICES DATA SCIENCE RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS

  • CAREER | Nikseam

    Join Our Team. At Nikseam, our business revolves around individuals. We embarked on this journey with a close-knit group of dreamers and visionaries who harbored grand aspirations and remarkable visions. These were individuals fueled by an unwavering passion to transform their aspirations into reality. Our remarkable growth story is a testament to the enthusiasm and fervor of this carefully chosen handful. We're aware that such individuals are a rarity, and identifying them can be a challenging endeavor. However, we're fully committed to taking the necessary steps to unearth these exceptional talents. We seek that elusive quality that ignites an internal fire, compelling individuals to exceed their own potential. Our aim isn't solely to discover candidates who merely align with the job description, but to uncover those who push the boundaries to new horizons. Our work culture thrives on fostering creativity and embracing openness. Our team members are easy to connect with—individuals who don't feel the need to put on a facade to prove themselves or satisfy their egos. We value authenticity, and you'll discover an environment where you can be your genuine self without hesitation. Apply Here First name Last name Email Phone Applying for Select Department Applying for Select position Apply

  • Software Developer | Nikseam

    Software Development Services Meet the relentless need for innovation without straining your resources. Our expert software product development company offers a smart alternative. Unburden your team, cut costs, and focus on core functions as we deliver scalable software solutions. From mobile app development and software testing to IT staffing and eLearning, trust us for a range of services. Elevate efficiency while we handle the technology. Custom Software Development Unlock innovation and efficiency with our company's custom software development expertise, delivering solutions that empower your organization to thrive. More Info Web Development Services Transform your online vision into reality with our top-notch web development services. From eye-catching designs to seamless functionality, our expert team delivers captivating websites that engage and impress your audience. More Info Cloud Consulting Services Unlock your business's full potential with our expert Cloud Consulting Services. Seamlessly migrate, optimize, and scale your operations on the cloud for enhanced efficiency and innovation. More Info Mobile App Development Services Empower your business with cutting-edge mobile app solutions tailored to your needs. Our expert development services combine innovation, user-centric design, and seamless functionality to bring your ideas to life on every device. More Info IT Staff Augmentation Supercharge your team with our IT Staff Augmentation services. Harness the expertise of skilled professionals to seamlessly integrate into your projects, boost efficiency, and drive innovation. Elevate your capabilities today More Info Software Testing Services Our meticulous approach ensures seamless functionality, enhanced user experiences, and robust performance, guaranteeing your product's success in today's competitive digital landscape. More Info Web App Development Our expert team crafts tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate into your website, enhancing user experiences and unlocking new dimensions of functionality. More Info IT Infrastructure Management Services Streamline your business's operations with our comprehensive IT Infrastructure Management Services. From robust network solutions to seamless software integration, we ensure optimal performance, enhanced security, and uninterrupted growth, empowering your organization for success in the digital age. More Info Open-Source Services Our Open-Source Services is - a gateway to innovation, collaboration, and cost-effective solutions for your business. Harness the power of community-driven software to elevate your projects and embrace the freedom to customize and scale with ease. More Info


    Financial Solutions We Offer Struggling with cash flow and capital enhancement? Transform transactional services into strategic assets through outsourced financial solutions. Our expertise builds risk-free financial models, unlocking maximum value. As a reputable financial service provider, we ensure consistency, compliance, and churn prevention. Whether it's variance analysis, budgeting, forecasting, or financial strategies, we've got you covered. Streamline accounting, bolster cash flow, and mitigate risk with our technology-driven finance solutions. Amid mounting competition, businesses opt to outsource financial services for exceptional results. We minimize overhead, boost efficiency, and enable rapid scaling globally. Our services encompass Accounting Services Streamline finances, scale quickly, eliminate inaccuracy, ensure compliance, and interpret financial data with accounting services. More Info Tax Preparation Services Streamline your financial journey with our expert Tax Preparation Services. Our dedicated professionals ensure accurate and efficient tax filing, maximizing returns while minimizing stress. Trust us to navigate the complexities and ensure you're well-prepared for tax season More Info Bookkeeping Services Efficiently manage your finances with our professional bookkeeping services. From meticulous transaction recording to comprehensive financial reports, we streamline your records, ensuring accuracy and enabling informed business decisions. Focus on growth while we handle the numbers for you. More Info Payroll Processing Services Streamline your business operations with our top-notch Payroll Processing Services. Say goodbye to payroll complexities, and let us handle your employee payments, taxes, and compliance, while you focus on driving success. Experience efficiency and accuracy in every paycheck. More Info Virtual Accounting Services Elevate your financial management through our Virtual Accounting Services. With a proficient team harnessing state-of-the-art technology, we seamlessly manage bookkeeping, payroll, and financial reporting, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. More Info Virtual Bookkeeping Services Experience hassle-free financial management with our Virtual Bookkeeping Services. Streamline your accounts, track expenses, and ensure accurate records, all from the comfort of your digital domain. Let us handle the numbers while you focus on growing your success. More Info Accounts Receivable Services Improve your cash flow effortlessly with our specialized Accounts Receivable Services, ensuring prompt payment collection and streamlined financial management for your business. Let us handle your receivables while you focus on growth and success. More Info Accounts Payable Services Revamp Your Financial Management with Our Accounts Payable Solutions! Streamline your business expenses effortlessly, ensuring prompt payments, organized records, and seamless vendor relationships. Elevate your fiscal strategy with our tailored Accounts Payable services today. More Info Financial Analysis Services Unlock the power of your financial data with our cutting-edge Financial Analysis Services. Gain valuable insights into your economic landscape through meticulous data scrutiny, enabling smarter decisions for unparalleled growth and stability. More Info Finance and Accounting Software Revolutionize your financial management with our cutting-edge Finance and Accounting Software. Streamline your operations, optimize budgeting, and ensure fiscal success effortlessly. Experience unparalleled efficiency and control like never before. More Info Invoice Processing Services Streamline your financial workflow with our cutting-edge Invoice Processing Services. Say goodbye to manual tasks and embrace seamless automation, ensuring accurate and efficient handling of your invoices from start to finish. Experience a new era of business efficiency today. More Info

  • TALENT ON DEMAND | Nikseam

    Talent on Demand Services Explore our comprehensive suite of additional offerings designed to enhance your experience and provide you with a wider range of specialized solutions. Transcription Services Elevate your documentation process with our accurate and timely transcription services, transforming audio and video content into detailed, text-based records with utmost precision. More Info RPO Services "Elevate your workforce strategy with our results-oriented RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services, tailored to deliver top-tier talent and streamline your hiring processes for sustained organizational success." More Info Translation Services "Elevate global communication with our expert translation services, bridging language barriers and fostering cross-cultural understanding for your business's success." More Info Legal Processing Services "Streamline your legal operations with our efficient and reliable legal processing services, ensuring precision and compliance in every step of your legal procedures." More Info Web Analytic Services Optimize your digital presence with our advanced web analytics solutions, empowering data-driven decisions for heightened online performance and strategic growth. More Info Professional on Demand Access expert professionals for specialized tasks through our on-demand services. Our platform connects you with skilled individuals across various fields, ensuring quality and flexibility for your projects. More Info


    Mortgage Processing Support Services Fluctuations in the mortgage industry's cycles could be impacting loan processing precision, possibly leading to margin compression. Navigating the complexities of identifying potential customers, evaluating credit scores and reports, and ensuring credit eligibility while striving for business growth is undeniably challenging. In an industry where even minor errors can have severe consequences, maintaining unwavering support accuracy becomes paramount, particularly during rapid scaling. This is where partnering with a reliable provider of mortgage support services, like ours, proves invaluable. We offer a competitive edge and resource savings for your business. By managing tasks such as mortgage lead generation and administrative duties, we free you to focus on core functions. Our skilled support team is well-versed in loan processes, ensuring adherence to stringent security measures and compliance with HMDA & HOEPA standards. Mortgage Preclosing Support Streamline the meticulous and heavily regulated mortgage preclosing process. Mitigate potential pitfalls and ensure compliance by entrusting this task to adept professionals with a wealth of experience. More Info Mortgage Loan Setup Services Don't let lucrative mortgage opportunities slip through the cracks due to processing delays. Bid farewell to missed deals with our proficient loan setup services, ensuring a swift and efficient application processing. More Info Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services Empower your mortgage operations to seamlessly manage high volumes of requests with our comprehensive support services for loan processing. From loan origination and processing support to servicing, pay-off, and lien satisfaction, we've got you covered. More Info Mortgage Underwriting Support Services Benefit from our team of adept and certified underwriters, delivering swift and precise mortgage underwriting solutions. Witness reduced overheads and mitigate margin compression while ensuring efficiency and accuracy. More Info Mortgage Closing Support Services Experience comprehensive support throughout the mortgage lifecycle with our end-to-end mortgage back-office support services. Entrust us with managing critical documents that optimize and streamline each phase of the mortgage closing process. More Info Mortgage Post-Closing Support Services ​ In our role as a mortgage post-closing support provider, we guarantee a seamless mortgage closing and post-closing process for lenders. Our review and audit support services ensure meticulous attention to detail, maintaining the integrity of the entire process. More Info Mortgage Title Support Services Navigate title transfer challenges effortlessly with our support. We're here to provide comprehensive assistance, including title ordering, financial analysis, and property insurance support, ensuring a seamless transition of title from seller to homebuyer. More Info Mortgage Appraisal Support Services Elevate your appraisal capabilities with our support services. Provide your mortgage clients with in-depth reports and creditworthiness analyses, enabling accurate determination of market value for their collateral. More Info Mortgage Software Support Solutions Unlock specialized mortgage functionalities with our AI-driven mortgage software solutions. From document management to omnichannel compatibility and compliance adherence, our software is tailored to optimize and enhance your mortgage operations. More Info Mortgage Operations Consultation Experience streamlined mortgage operations with our consulting services. We accelerate loan closures, enhance margins, and boost efficiency, all while ensuring rigorous regulatory compliance at every stage. More Info Reverse Mortgage Support Services ​ Rely on our skilled team of mortgage specialists and experienced technology executives to handle reverse mortgage support seamlessly. From application review to verification and closing, we offer a comprehensive and efficient approach tailored to your needs. More Info REO Support Services Experience the breadth of our REO business function services, encompassing reimbursement, listing support, abstraction support, real estate title support, and valuation. Our comprehensive offerings ensure seamless management across multiple facets of REO operations. More Info Mortgage Loan Servicing As part of our comprehensive mortgage loan servicing solutions, we optimize mortgage payment collections, conduct due diligence, manage loan orders, oversee filing procedures, and maintain impeccable document management processes. More Info Digital Marketing Services for Mortgage Elevate your engagement and enhance conversions with our bespoke digital marketing strategies and tailored content designed specifically for mortgage brokers, lenders, banks, and credit unions. More Info

  • Data Science | Nikseam

    Data Science Support Services Distinguished as a premier purveyor of data support solutions on a worldwide scale, we cater to a diverse clientele. Our track record is marked by the delivery of superlative support and services. We have honed substantial expertise and prowess across a spectrum of data support demands. Our adept team of seasoned data support professionals is fortified by top-tier infrastructure, encompassing contemporary collaborative work environments and state-of-the-art systems. Our all-encompassing services encompass: Data Engineering Services Our Data entry services are fortified by our extensive experience in managing a wide spectrum of demands. More Info Data Science Consulting Services Our squad of data specialists has been addressing data conversion needs for a varied global clientele. More Info Data Science as a Service Efficient data processing is essential for maximizing the potential of your data. We simplify data processing, allowing you to concentrate on more valuable endeavors. More Info Artificial Intelligence Services Elevate your sales endeavors with our offerings of compelling, precise, and visually appealing catalogs. More Info Business Intelligence Services Leverage our seasoned team of data processing specialists for seamless optical character recognition services. Effortlessly transform your data into digital formats. More Info Data Analytics Services Precise data annotation plays a pivotal role in enabling AI/ML systems to consistently absorb and incorporate every data element. Through our meticulous tagging, your systems can achieve precisely that level of integration. More Info Business Analytics Services Elevate your sales endeavors with our offerings of compelling, precise, and visually appealing catalogs. More Info Machine Learning Services Elevate your sales endeavors with our offerings of compelling, precise, and visually appealing catalogs. More Info Deep Learning Services Elevate your sales endeavors with our offerings of compelling, precise, and visually appealing catalogs. More Info Natural Language Processing Services Elevate your sales endeavors with our offerings of compelling, precise, and visually appealing catalogs. More Info Robotic Process Automation Services Elevate your sales endeavors with our offerings of compelling, precise, and visually appealing catalogs. More Info Big Data Services Elevate your sales endeavors with our offerings of compelling, precise, and visually appealing catalogs. More Info Cognitive Process Automation Services Elevate your sales endeavors with our offerings of compelling, precise, and visually appealing catalogs. More Info

  • PRIVACY POLICY | Nikseam

    OUR PRIVACY POLICY At Nikseam, safeguarding your privacy is a commitment we uphold with utmost care, employing appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of shared data. ​ Respecting Your Privacy ​ Any information you provide through our website inquiry forms is securely and confidentially stored and processed. Your personal information, including your name, telephone number, fax number, and email address, will solely be utilized for communication regarding our products and services. Rest assured, your personal data will never be shared, leased, sold, or distributed to any third-party entities for marketing purposes without obtaining your explicit consent. We deploy advanced technologies and processes to effectively prevent unauthorized access, use, and disclosure of your personal information. In certain instances to deliver our products and services, we may need to share your personal data with: - Business partners - Affiliates - Authorized service vendors and contractors ​ Leveraging Your Information for Enhanced Service (Cookies) ​ Our websites utilize cookies to enhance your user experience, providing personalized and efficient interactions. Information captured through cookies is analyzed solely to improve our service offerings and website features. These cookies do not provide us remote access to your systems or any confidential data you haven't shared with us. Your location or any other customer-centric data will never be disclosed. Cookies are stored exclusively in your browser or system memory. While you can deactivate cookies by adjusting your browser settings, doing so might limit the benefits of our website's full functionality. For more insights into cookies and their usage, visit ​ External Links ​ Links to third-party sites on our website are provided for your convenience, but accessing them is at your own risk. Nikseam holds no responsibility for the security features, content, or privacy policies of these external websites. Compliance with GDPR (European Union Visitors) ​ Identification details furnished by you on our websites—such as name, email address, company name, telephone number, country—as well as web data like IP address, system location, and cookies, are stored securely and confidentially. This data is exclusively used for communication with clients and prospective customers about our products and services. We'll retain this personal information only for the necessary duration to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy policy, unless the law specifies a longer retention period or for directly related legitimate business purposes. You have the right to request copies of your personal information, details about data storage, and the purpose of storing this data. Policy Changes ​ Nikseam will periodically review, amend, or update our privacy policy as needed. Rest assured, any revised policies will be promptly available on our website. ​ Get in Touch ​ As champions of GDPR compliance, we rigorously uphold our privacy policy. For any inquiries regarding our policy, feel free to contact us at: ​

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